Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity
Dave Roman.
Roaring Brook/First Second
$9.99 trade paper (176p)
ISBN 978-1-59643-620-6

Roman previously adapted the X-men as a shojo manga, so he certainly knows his way around the “special academy” story.

This time out, it’s the story of mech-riding superhero / ordinary school kid Hakata Soy, and his attempt to make a fresh start at a new orbital school filled with a bunch of colorful, aspirational classmates.

Hakata struggles with the typical social drama of middle school, as well as the occasional evil twin robot assassin.

It’s a zany setup designed more for random fight scenes and one-liners, and the book contains a mix of short stories and one-page gag strips.

The dialogue reflects this, with the kind of manic every-line-has-to-be-a-joke dialogue that reflects contemporary kids’ cartoons like The Fairly OddParents.

The artwork is very cartoony and cute, and uses free-floating layouts to add to the whimsy.
Ages 10–14.

Via Publisher’s Weekly